CI® Object Scan: BPI's in-house product development

Innovation for monitoring baggage drop at airports

State-of-the-art solution in object monitoring

  • How to monitor the baggage flow at the check-in desk at an airport?
  • Suitcases and other pieces of luggage but also anomolous objects (like people) should be characterised by their dimensions and movements.
  • Unwanted and risky situations should be detected at the conveyor belt in front of automated baggage handling system.
  • BPI's new smart camera detection system is able to reliably monitor baggage flow at airports in real time.
  • Object Scan is part of BPI's successful product range Connected Identification®.
  • Object Scan has proven itself at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Watch the basics of Object Scan, the product behind Object Monitor (36 sec)

3D identification

real-time camera detection

The length, width and height is measured for any object on the conveyor belt near the check-in desk by an automated 3D camera system.

Object recognition

automated classification

Dedicated software algoritmes are used for image analysis and type classification of pieces of aviation baggage into suitcase, bag, etc.

Easy installation

flexible configuration

An Object Scan device is used as a stand-alone device or connected to a hub both being installed by local engineers at their own.  

Cost effective

proven technology

All pieces of equipment are selected for their known price-performance ratio and as parts assembled together into easy to handle machinery. 

Object Scan explained in a nut-shell

What is object monitoring about?

Object Scan is a device from BPI's Connected Identification (CI ®) line. Object Scan is the heart of Object Monitor. This solution is intended to improve the  baggage handling system (BHS) at an airport by increasing reliability and safety of the automated system. Object Scan also provides more insight in the baggage input at check-in counters and other aspects of the BHS.

In these times the bag-drop is one of the most important processes at airports. It needs to be fast, safe and reliable. Object Monitor will support your BHS in achieving these desirable conditions.

Process information from Object Scan

What does Object Scan?

The pieces of baggage get scanned at the conveyor belt near the check-in desks or elsewhere during baggage handling. The Object Scan device supplies real-time surveillance data to monitor your baggage handling. When any unexpected object is detected, the security system receives an alarm signal.

Of course, not every airport is the same. An Object Scan unit is accessible for airports to montage it how they want. The only important thing to keep in mind is that Object Scan has to operate before the baggage gets transported from the baggage conveyor belt to the main logistics centre (BHS).

What is Object Scan system?

The Object Scan system consist of two major parts:

  • The Object Scan station contains the 3D-camera and signal processing unit. The station is either a complete stand-alone device or connected to the Object Scan hub. Network connections are end-to-end encrypted.

  • The Object Scan hub gathers data from the stations and may be hosted
    on-premise or in the cloud. The software offers central configuration of the stations and real-time management information.
Object Scan station at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

How to place and implement?

Object Scan stations are placed at check-in desks, at baggage handling system entries or at both locations. BPI's service engineers will do the job for you or assist you according to your safety regulations.

An Object Scan station takes less space than cabin baggage. The connections are electricity and ethernet. BPI's engineers will assist you to incorporate the Object Scan hub in your IT-infrastructure.

Documentation is supplied how to operate and make use of the Object Scan system. BPI's engineers assist in getting to know the Object Monitor features. Training may be arranged on demand.


  • Analysis of objects on the baggage belt by using a 3D scan
  • Object recognition algorithm, focused on aviation baggage
  • Metadata collection on baggage:
    • type classification (e.g. suitcase, bag, MaxiCosi child sit, divergent)
    • dimensions (length, width, height, volume)
    • input quality (e.g. loose parts on a bag, overlapping pieces)
  • Signal alerts heights trespassing by entering detection area
  • Real-time dashboard, management information system.
Suitcase dimensions from Object Scan


  • Verification of the direction baggage is moving
  • Alert if two pieces of baggage simultaneously enter the baggage handling system
  • Measurement of the ideal throughput speed
  • Detection of the reason baggage fell off the conveyor belt
Mounted Object Scan station

Object Scan station

  • Complete standalone system
    • internal storage data more than 60 days
    •  input/output connection for PLC / Pilz systems
    • Automatic calibration
  • Real-time synchronisation data through ethernet or WiFi connection.
  • If losing connection data will be synchronised afterwards.
  • Recognition in less visible situation

Object Scan hub

  • End-to-end encryption between station and hub
  • Hosting hub on premise or in the cloud
  • Health monitoring Object Scan stations
  • Works with all data of the unlimited numbers of active Object Scan stations
  • Central configuration of Object Scan stations
    • location numbers
    • thresholds for type classification, border height etc.
    • input/output allocation

More than product to believe in Object Monitor

Your challenge
Baggage handling at check-in challenges airports
  • The highly automated baggage handling system at the airport should operate without any interruption.
  • Checking which objects are being transported by the conveyer belt, is a heavy burden of safety and security.
  • An early warning system offers higher efficiency and safety in a more secure environment.
  • BPI developed Object Monitor for baggage handling at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Our proposition
  • At the airport any kind of accident at the conveyer belt is a safety threat and lowers the efficiency of the baggage handling system.
  • A break in the baggage handling system puts too heavy an extra load on the airport staff.
  • Object Monitor offers surveillance of a baggage handling system in connection to the airports security system.
  • BPI will suply a dedicated solution according to your specific situation and needs.
Our support
BPI's support and services
  • Services that do not cover your requirements or expectations, become annoying.
  • A lack of support distracts from your business operations possibly causing even more serious trouble.
  • Object Monitor comes with a complete set of helpful and sustainable services.
  • BPI Services is a reliable Dutch company for over 20 years.
Our company
BPI Connected Identification
  • Finding a reliable supplier in identification technology is key to your success.
  • An inadequate business partner could cost you a lot of expensive time.
  • BPI Services is the developer of Object Monitor and other Connected Identification products.
  • BPI Services is a solid partner in improving business processes for more than 20 years.

Meet people behind CI® Object Scan and Object Monitor

BPI's Service Manager for Object Monitor


Service manager

Christie is with BPI Services for more than 10 years. As Service Manager Christie is responsible for handling all questions and problems that are reported to the Service Desk.

Sales Manager for BPI's Object Monitor


Sales manager
Jasper is Sales Manager at BPI Services for more than 10 years. Jasper takes care of the follow-up of the sales questions that reach BPI.
Technical Engineer of BPI's Object Monitor


Technical engineer

Tim is Technical Engineer at BPI Services for more than 15 years. Tim is responsible for the development of Object Monitor and CI® Object Scan.

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