Object Monitor: BPI's proposition to enhance baggage handling

Business proposition for increasing baggage handling safety and efficiency

Solution for reduction of risk and downtime

  • Would you like to have better control over dangerous situations at check-in and the uptime of your automated baggage handling system?
  • At the airport any kind of accident at the conveyer belt near the check-in desk is a safety threat and lowers the efficiency of the baggage handling system.
  • A break in the automated baggage handling system puts too heavy an extra load on the airport staff.
  • BPI's Object Monitor offers surveillance in the baggage drop area in connection to the airports security system.
  • BPI will supply a dedicated solution according to the specific situation and needs in baggage handling at the airport.
  • Object Monitor has proven its power successfully at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
Get an overview about the premises of BPI's solution Object Monitor (1:36)


camera's and algoritmes
3D-scanning and software analysis are the ingredients to detect and identify baggage by the airport and airline standards.


management information
Data on classified pieces of baggage, oversized  suitcases or bags, height alarms, deviating baggage etc. is supplied in real time.


Connected Identification ®
After years of development Object Monitor has proven itself at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and is now ready for other airports.


reliable supplier
BPI may rely on more than 20 years of experience in providing high quality, cost effective, trustworthy identification solutions.

Our ideas for Object Monitor to enhance baggage handling business

It was not easy to develop Object Monitor as it is today. Working together at Amsterdam Schiphol airport made us aware on various important aspects of Object Monitor. Some of these requirements are highlighted here.

Safety at check-in desk

Baggage drop is a potentially dangerous area at an airport. Passengers and staff can easily access the conveyor belt at the check-in desk. They may accidentally enter the automated baggage handling area. These cases should be prevented as much as possible.
Safety measures at check-in desk

Baggage handling effciency

Automated baggage handling at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

An automated baggage handling system (BHS) is a major investment for an airport. The baggage flow is unbelievably fast. The BHS should not be out of operation, not even for a few minutes. Any disturbance by accidents or deviating baggage must be avoided.

Management information

The response time should be short, when a disturbance threatens operating the automated baggage handling system. At the same time it is very important to get informed about the problem location, the cause of the alarm, etc. A real-time visual image of the spot is also very helpful. Data should remain available for evaluation purposes afterwards.

management information on baggage flow

Automated camera detection

Automated camera detection at conveyor belt at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Affordable 3D-cameras may identify the dimensions of objects. The moving objects may be distinguished from the static background by image analysis. The objects may be classified into categories according to aviation standards. This approach opens the possibility to signal anomalous objects including people. Thresholds should be adjustable.

Customer service and support

The object monitor system should be rather easy to install and implement by qualified engineers already working at the airport. The same holds for configuration and maintenance of the equipment. Object monitor systems have to function when the conveyor belt is active and in use. The importance of offering adequate service and support is key.
Work meeting at the office in Reeuwijk (NL)

Qualified personnel

Technological engineering at BPI's office in Reeuwijk (NL)

Last but not least there should be a back-office with technical engineers. They should solve the hard problems, if any. They should also deduce major product improvements from hands-on experience. Future progress should be incubated.

More than our propostion to believe in Object Monitor

Your challenge

  • The highly automated baggage handling system at the airport should operate without any interruption.
  • Checking which objects are being transported by the conveyer belt, is a heavy burden of safety and security.
  • An early warning system offers higher efficiency and safety in a more secure environment.
  • BPI developed Object Monitor for baggage handling at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Our product

  • A smart camera detection system is required to monitor baggage handling on airports in real time.
  • Monitoring suitcases and other objects by their dimensions notifies accidents in the baggage handling system.
  • Object Monitor is an innovation developed by BPI as a smart surveillance system of baggage flow and other logistics.
  • Object Monitor is running at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to mutual satisfaction.

Our support

  • Services that do not cover your requirements or expectations, become annoying.
  • A lack of support distracts from your business operations possibly causing even more serious trouble.
  • Object Monitor comes with a complete set of helpful and sustainable services.
  • BPI Services is a reliable Dutch company for over 20 years.

Our company

  • Finding a reliable supplier in identification technology is key to your success.
  • An inadequate business partner could cost you a lot of expensive time.
  • BPI Services is the developer of Object Monitor and other Connected Identification products.
  • BPI Services is a solid partner in improving business processes for more than 20 years.

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