Baggage handling at check-in challenges airports

Monitoring at baggage drop keeps automated baggage handling going

Amsterdam Schiphol airport enjoys object monitoring at check-in desk

  • Do you want to have full advantage of your expensive automated baggage handling system?
  • The highly automated baggage handling system at the airport should operate without any interruption.
  • Checking which objects are being transported by the conveyor belt, is a heavy burden of safety and security.
  • BPI's early warning system CIĀ® Object Monitor offers higher efficiency and safety in a more secure environment at baggage drop.
  • Object Monitor has been successfully developed by BPI for automated baggage handling at airports.
  • At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport the automated baggage handling system is running more smoothly since Object Monitor was introduced.
Go through risk problems in baggage handling at the conveyor belt (1:07)


Prevent possible accidents
Passengers can easily access the conveyor belt at the check-in desk and accidentally entering the automated baggage handling area.


signal unidentified objects
Identification of all pieces of luggage increases knowledge about what is going into the baggage handling system and what should stopped to go in.


Increase system performance
Managing disturbing incidents proactively causes the automatic baggage handling system to be temporarily turned off less frequently.


More baggage handling
The number of passengers using an airport for reaching their destination, is growing. The number of airports which use bag-drop is increasing.

How to improve automated baggage handling?

Our proposition

Management information on baggage flow
  • At the airport any kind of accident at the conveyer belt is a safety threat and lowers the efficiency of the baggage handling system.
  • A break in the baggage handling system puts too heavy an extra load on the airport staff.
  • Object Monitor offers surveillance of a baggage handling system in connection to the airports security system.
  • BPI will suply a dedicated solution according to your specific situation and needs.

Our product

Characterisation of a suitcase by Object Scan
  • A smart camera detection system is required to monitor baggage handling on airports in real time.
  • Monitoring suitcases and other objects by their dimensions notifies accidents in the baggage handling system.
  • Object Monitor is an innovation developed by BPI as a smart surveillance system of baggage flow and other logistics.
  • Object Monitor is running at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to mutual satisfaction.

Our support

BPI engineer carrying out technical support
  • Services that do not cover your requirements or expectations, become annoying.
  • A lack of support distracts from your business operations possibly causing even more serious trouble.
  • Object Monitor comes with a complete set of helpful and sustainable services.
  • BPI Services is a reliable Dutch company for over 20 years in identification technology.

Our company

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  • Finding a reliable supplier in identification technology is key to your success.
  • An inadequate business partner could cost you a lot of expensive time.
  • BPI Services is the developer of Object Monitor and other Connected Identification products.
  • BPI Services is a solid partner in improving business processes for more than 20 years.

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