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Object Monitor promising technological innovation

  • How to keep an automated baggage handling system at the airport in action without interruptions?
  • Any stagnation of the massive baggage flow at an airport yields enormous amounts of unwanted extra work.
  • Detecting objects and diverging situations in real time at baggage drop at the check-in desk could minimize serious trouble.
  • Object Monitor was developed by BPI in close cooperation with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for surveillance at the check-in desk.
  • The baggage handling system is running more smoothly at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport due to Object Monitor.
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Solution provider

Connected Identification
BPI is known for their proven technological solutions where others often fail or do not continue.

Product owner

CI Object Scan
Object Monitor is a result of the product development by BPI in the Connected Identification ® line.

Dedicated partner

Customer focus
Best custom-made solutions result from own product development in close cooperation with the client.

Cost consciousness

Proven concepts
Operational costs are kept low by picking quality components that are well produced (for other purposes).

Development of Object Scan and Object Monitor

It all started at Schiphol Airport

Years ago Amsterdam Schiphol Airport became aware of the potential danger of the conveyor belt at the check-in desk. Passengers can easily access. Accidents at other airports were reported in the news.

Schiphol Airport wanted to be safe and secure. How to minimize the risk at baggage drop before entering the automated(!) baggage handling system (BHS)?

The first attempts detecting people

A major well respected company started to work on a solution. How to detect people in front of the BHS, was the starting-point.

Obviously, a thermal camera was thought to bring the solution. However, body temperature appeared to have not enough discriminating power at the conveyor belt. Too many "hot" sources other than people caused false alarms. 

BPI takes over technological innovation

BPI was invited to work on the thermal analysis system. Even with special analysis software the reliability of the thermal analysis system remained too low. There were too many false alarms.

BPI tried to minimize the number of false alarms by introducing a second (daylight) camera. The idea was to separate the regular 'hot' suitcases from the objects.

In fact, BPI became leading in the technological development of the product, which would be called Object Scan later on.

Serendipity favours 3D camera

After a while of thorough thinking and experimenting with various equipment BPI found a way for a working surveillance system. The insight was: identify all pieces baggage on the conveyor belt and focus on the anomalous objects if any.

This turning point proved to be successful and led to the present Object Scan. A combination of a 3D camera and special software developed by BPI in-house is able to characterise the baggage flow and unwanted objects such as people on the conveyor belt at the check-in desk.

The proof of principle was given at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

It all works at Schiphol Airport

BPI optimized the 3D scan system, added proper algoritmes to the analysis software, provided connectivity to other information systems and so on. Object Monitor became the solution for detecting people on a conveyor belt.

Object Monitor runs properly at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Besides preventing people to get in the trouble during automated baggage handling Object Monitor offers additional management information to improve the performance of the BHS.

Why BPI believes in Object Monitor

At BPI we deeply believe that our proposition Object Monitor may help airports to improve their (business) processes in automated baggage handling.
Object Monitor is an example of what a small company can do to help the 'big guys'.
This proud feeling keeps BPI going.

Your challenge

  • The highly automated baggage handling system at the airport should operate without any interruption.
  • Checking which objects are being transported by the conveyer belt, is a heavy burden of safety and security.
  • An early warning system offers higher efficiency and safety in a more secure environment.
  • BPI developed Object Monitor for baggage handling at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Our proposition

  • At the airport any kind of accident at the conveyer belt is a safety threat and lowers the efficiency of the baggage handling system.
  • A break in the baggage handling system puts too heavy an extra load on the airport staff.
  • Object Monitor offers surveillance of a baggage handling system in connection to the airport security system.
  • BPI will supply a configuration according to your specific situation and needs.

Our product

  • A smart camera detection system is required to monitor baggage handling on airports in real time.
  • Monitoring suitcases and other objects by their dimensions notifies accidents in the baggage handling system.
  • Object Monitor is an innovation developed by BPI as a smart surveillance system of baggage flow and other logistics.
  • Object Monitor is running at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to mutual satisfaction.

Our support

  • Services that do not cover your requirements or expectations, become annoying.
  • A lack of support distracts from your business operations possibly causing even more serious trouble.
  • Object Monitor comes with a complete set of helpful and sustainable services according to customer's requirements.
  • BPI Services is a reliable Dutch company for over 20 years in identification technology.

BPI Services B.V.  is one of the unique small and medium technology enterprises based in the Netherlands. The company exits since 1995.

We offer our clients high quality and trustful solutions in the area of biometrics, identity management, smart video and registration.
We make use of a combination between our own developments, applied qualities and the use of released products (by market leaders), to tailor to our clients problems. If there is not a solution available, we make it ourselves. We want to find the best solution for every situation.
We bring our platform on the market under the name Connected Identification ®. Object Monitor is just one of our products that creates a unique way of providing helpful solutions.

At BPI we believe in not just short-term solutions but in a solid long-term partnership with our client. Find out more about our different area’s of expertise and we hope you will be our new partner.

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Our biometric solutions are distinctive by our own development of software and hardware. We have developed a successfull and continual cooperation with specialized and certified state-of-the-art suppliers.

Our products get used in law enforcement, immigration, stadiums, education and get deployed by Dutch organizations such as the Ministry of Security and Justice (MinVenJ), National Police (NP), Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) and Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).

Identity Management

An increasing number of institutions are dealing with identities of individuals. Whether it comes to new staff members, customers or other persons, in many cases, registration in an information system is desired.

At BPI our ID Management solutions are characterised by the high degree of flexibility. As a result, we are able to offer a solution for each demand.

Smart Video

BPI is highly specialised in the field of camera solutions. We are a niche player in this sector and we use diverse  technologies  such as vehicle systems, thermal imaging cameras, 3D cameras, motion detection, two-way audio or combined solutions.

We also provide advanced and associated video software packages.


BPI provides dependable digital solutions since 1998 for time and planning. Our digital method saves our clients time and reduces the chance of errors substantially.

The recorded information can be used for different purposes. Invoicing of services, transparency to internal or external clients, management information or costing are examples that we regularly encounter.

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